Your Heart’s Voice

A children’s picture book on intuition, which helps boost self-esteem, emotional intelligence and decision making skills!

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Winner of a 2023 & 2024 Family Choice Award, and a Mom’s Choice Award for

Your Heart’s Voice

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Children’s Author

Renée Greene Murphy MS Ed

Renée is a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a School Counselor, and now an author of her first children’s book, Your Heart’s Voice. Renée was born and raised in New York.

Renée worked as a School Counselor for ten years in New York City. She has her Master’s Degrees in Counseling and School Leadership. Since having children, Renée has been home helping raise her children, ages three, six, and nine. Books are an integral part of her family’s day.

Luckily, all three children have a strong love for books, which helped Renée develop the idea of writing this book. Renée has always used her intuition, starting from a young age, to adulthood, to help guide her in making the right choices for her life and she wanted to write this book to help remind others to use theirs.


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Your Heart’s Voice

My multi-award winning children’s book on intuition, Your Heart’s Voice

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About Your Heart’s Voice

Your Heart’s Voice is a tool to help children make better decisions, prevent conflict, increase self-awareness, problem solving skills and academic performance.

When paired with a journal, Your Heart’s Voice will assist children/ students in using their intuition as a preventative resource in resolving conflict and develop conflict resolution skills.

Jade always had this voice in her heart telling her the right thing to do, but it was up to her to listen to it. She finally realized once she did listen to it that she made good choices, which, in turn, made her feel good about herself.

This book is a thoughtful approach to parenting to help assist your child to become intuitively aware, which helps create better choices or the right choice. This book will be a terrific addition to a school counselor’s library, any school teacher’s, as well as any parent or guardian of a child ages five and up.

Jade means “jewel of heaven,” “the stone of the heart.”

Your Heart's Voice is dedicated to my beloved little brother, Robert Greene Jr. You will forever live on through us. Your magnetic light will continue to guide us, teach us and comfort us. We love you, always.

My Awards

Family choice award winner 2023 & 2024!

Winnner of a 2023, 2024 Family Choice Award!
" Your Heart's Voice"

Mom's choice award winner!

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Listen to my podcast interview with the Broken pack eps #8 season 3, about my brother Robert & Your Heart’s Voice


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